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Recently partnered with the Oral Health and Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) to contact legislation regarding CDC and Medicare/Medicaid stability and to raise conscious awareness of the health of the community and the voices that make those communities up

Invested in COCAPP and to improve congregational health by empowering faith communities through information and resources that focus on the connections between oral health and overall health.

Striving to bridge the knowledge gap by partnering with schools and STEM programs to create programs to teach the students better practices and have the students pantomime these habits to teach their own parents and caregivers. 

Finds additional funds to help sustain the work of the WCOHC. As a result, WCOHC has partnered with Delta Dental for years and currently, they have provided funds, resources and training to support this amazing work in  Michigan. 

To raise awareness about oral health for seniors and help advocate for improvements in dental care through Medicare and working in collaboration with the Southeast Michigan Senior Regional Collaborative

coming soon

Detroit, MI.

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