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Become a part of the OPEN NEtwork 

OPEN is a multi-year initiative to strengthen and unify the network of stakeholders working for systems change around oral health.  This network is aligned around a set of bold goals and strategic targets that we are committed to realizing.


OPEN investments are structured to impact people across the lifespan, from eradicating dental disease in children to improving lifelong oral health via partnerships with schools and increased dental benefits in publicly-funded insurance plans. Our partners are working to realize the vision of oral health is essential to overall health and well-being.


The Grassroots Engagement Initiative seeks to engage those most directly impacted by oral health inequity.


The national network has focused on oral health as a social justice issue, the social determinants of health, and the integration of oral health with overall health.


OPEN sponsors grassroots, middles, and tops in their fight to advocate for the importance of oral health for our overall health throughout the nation. OPEN cultivates a community of messengers to provide the necessary information and help for those who need it in such a turbulent and confusing health care system. 

Join the conversation and sign up for OPEN communities to engage with the network today!

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